Is Your Habit In Control?

Your mind and body are highly influenced by behavior, which could be a good or bad thing. So much of what we say and do is just by default, like when someone asks how we are, and we say fine, even when we're really not. As humans, we become a bit robotic in our daily lives, pretty much doing things out of habit.

A habit can be useful, as it streamlines a process making things automatic, which is nice because we don't have to think about every move we make. A habit is double edged, and can become complicated when it turns into obsession, like when you become addicted to drugs, or if it makes you so regimented you're unable to adjust or change the habit to achieve a better result.

However, habits are part of how we evolve as human beings, with the things we end up learning and teaching ourselves unwittingly at times becoming who we are. Our lives can be a series of phases as we transition in and out of, which sometimes leads us in to a rut. It can be so subtle to the point we become blindsided, not knowing how we got to this point in our lives.

Nevertheless, life is complex and continually in a state of flux, at times becoming chaotic, spinning out of control, but we still must somehow carry on. Interestingly, it seems when life is lived at it's fullest, it becomes a tricky dance between chaos and control, so how the hell do we keep moving forward in a productive way. If you have a legit trainer, they will know how to navigate you through the above process as it relates to your training program.

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Lose Weight, Get Healthy and Reverse Heart Disease One Bite At A Time

It's hard to believe you can eat anything you want, lose weight, reverse heart disease and become healthier as a result. It's true, and I'm a walking testimonial, with doctor’s verification. It's a safe bet and assumption there will be a whole host of so called experts and critics scoffing at this diet, but that's normal, besides who cares.

Breaking Points

Too hot, too cold, I'm tired, I have a headache, there's a storm coming. There's an ole saying that goes, "Excuses are like buttholes. Everybody has one and they all stink". Individuals, for various reasons have a tendency of sabotaging their own results. Anything you do for long term requires a tremendous amount of discipline, even more importantly passion, motivation, and belief. Breaking points are a normal part of any thing long term, and are necessary, which will only build strength and character, but you have to be willing to endure the breaking points. So get over it!!

The Misconception

Ask five different so called experts on the best diet to follow, and more than likely you'll get five different opinions. There's no doubt there's more than one effective diet on the market that can produce results, as well appear to be unique and different, but in reality they are more uniquely similar than different. Occasionally, you'll find a diet that really does work, but most are short lived mainly because of restricted complexity. Here's the truth. If you want a diet that produces long term results, implement something that is simple to use. And for goodness sake, don't be fooled by shinny objects posing as quick fix, easy to use diets, because they are definitely not, especially in the long term.

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Best, The Truth Talker ( Leo Costa Jr)

The Mark Of A Great Trainer

There are lousy, good, and great trainers. If you're someone, especially a first timer in the market looking for some guidance for your health and fitness, it could be a challenging feat, simply because there are a boatload of trainers on the market.

Obviously, you'd want to get the best for your money, so it would be wise to have perspective so you knew what to look for. I'm big on first impression, in other words, what do they look like? Are they in shape or sloppy? Are they personable, or do they have a personality like a doorknob?

If they're in shape and personable it's a good start, but certainly isn't the final answer. A great trainer will be a great listener, especially in their initial consultation, because this is the time you as their potential client are revealing what your concerns are, in addition, you’re most desired goals.

A great trainer will always be a great problem solver, with an immediate strategy for a successful outcome, for any kind of goal or training objective. A great trainer will always have a well thought out approach for their client which will include weight training, cardio, and nutrition.

A great trainer will always be in tune, knowing when the client is having a bad day, or struggling with their training, being able to make on the spot adjustments, turning the bad day into a productive one. You as a client will know you have a great trainer when you feel like your goals are as important to them as they are to you because at the end of the day it really is a team effort.

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The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Is your trainer legit? Ask them these simple questions!

There are so many wannabe fake trainers out there. So, how do you know if yours is the real deal? That is the sixty four thousand dollar question. Knowledge is power, but most who are hiring a trainer assume and expect them to know their stuff, however this is not always the case.

There are six main questions to ask that will be tell-tale signs exposing your new or existing trainer.

1. What is the difference between whey protein isolate, and whey protein?  Answer... Whey protein isolate has a higher protein content which facilitates and speeds up post workout recovery.

2. How many metabolisms does your body have and what is the main difference between the two? There are two metabolisms which are defined as free fatty acid, and glucose. Answer... The main difference between the two is that when utilizing glucose metabolism, sugar is the main energy source. When utilizing free fatty acid metabolism, fat is the main energy source.

3. What are triglycerides? Answer... A type of fat stored on the body that can be dangerous if levels get too high, otherwise can be a good source of energy

4. How many calories does one gram of protein, carbohydrate, and fat have? Answer... protein = 4 calories, Carbohydrates = 4 calories, fat = 9 calories

5. Why does doing more than 30 minutes of cardio at one time get you in worse shape? Answer... Because the body starts burning a higher proportion of lean weight (muscle).

6. What is lactic acid? Answer... It's a byproduct of exercise, in addition a built in defense mechanism to keep you from overtraining.

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The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Its only a matter of time...

It's only a matter of time when the new diet you’re excited about trying is going to fail you in a big way. It has to because it's designed that way. How you might ask? Jedi marketing tactics is part of the reason. These diets tap into the fragile psyche of human nature at its weakest and most vulnerable moment. You're promised a ton of weight loss in no time at all, and sold the fantasy of finally getting that great body you've only dreamed of. 

Some of these wonder diets (quick fix) are pre proportion, including precooked food, so all you have to do is heat it and eat it. To top it all off, they seal the deal with fabulous testimonials backing their products results. Easy peasy, right? No, not so fast. Interestingly, most of these people when they transition back to regular food revert back to their original pre diet weight, if not rebounding even beyond to their all-time highest weight ever. And mind you, this rebound weight gain happens within six months after regular food is integrated back as the normal way of eating. This common occurrence of not being able to sustain successful weight loss is the fly in the ointment. Let's give credit where credit is due, but let's also call a spade a spade.

The true measure of a successful diet is not only the amount of weight which is lost, but how successful individuals are in keeping off the weight for the long haul. The objective for a successful diet should be to maintain whatever weight goal one desires, and should be designed from a completely different perspective. It should be an eating strategy that revolves around the individual’s lifestyle, instead of individual’s lifestyle adapting to the constraints of a diet that in the end is designed to fail.

For example, when individuals are faced with the challenge of going to dinner with friends on a weekend, then what. I'll tell you what. Suddenly they're faced with either going off their wonder diet and eating foods they had a problem controlling in the first place, hence the reason for the wonder diet, or they have to make the decision to not got to dinner and abstain. When you have to constantly abstain from something from which you receive pleasure, it's only a matter of time before you cave. This is where the crack in the armor begins to present itself in these wonder diets (quick fix). Here's the other major reason why wonder diets are designed to fail. They are not lifestyle friendly to the user, period. There's a better way, ADP.

Fake Training

Fake training. I see it all around me. Wannabe trainers/bodybuilders who are just mailing it in. Their training sessions have no motivation, intent or direction. The training environment provided by these so called expert trainers is uninspiring and reeks of mediocrity to the point of being pathetic. I've seen more intensity in a hair salon.

I see trainers who just sit there being professional rep counters, providing their clients who are paying them a lot of money with useless information throughout a training program that is mostly wasted movement. Sadly, the average client doesn't really know this. Listen, just because you lift weights, and do cardio doesn't actually mean you're getting the results you deserve. I highly recommend when enlisting the services of a trainer, make sure it's real, and not fake training. Until next time.

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The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Real knowledge is through experience...

I gotta get this off my chest before I explode. A very good friend of mine who was a big time name in the bodybuilding industry once told me, if you really want to know how to put on muscle or get ripped to shreds ask a world level competitive bodybuilder. Their bodies are an ongoing laboratory experiment, and they know stuff about nutrition and training that no one else does including doctors and self-proclaimed trainers, which brings me to my beef.

It's been nearly twenty years since I've competed at the world level, however I've remained in the bodybuilding and fitness industry helping individuals get in the best shape of their lives. Sadly the information in the industry has not progressed, and social media has made this problem worse.

Most of these self-proclaimed wanna be trainers/ fitness models/ life coaches, whatever  the hell they end up calling themselves are spewing old, even dangerous information about training and nutrition. You have trainers on Facebook and Instagram with all of their selfie photos who have never been on a competitive stage in their life that's worth talking about, and yet consider themselves experts telling people how to eat and train. We'll, they’re not, and it’s really obvious based on their so called cutting edge information. I will however say that these fake trainers/ experts have done a fine job of repackaging old information to make it look like something new. Unfortunately the average consumer doesn't know the difference, which simply means they lose.

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The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Make sure you're losing the right weight

Do you have any idea what happens when you lose weight too fast? Among other things, you get fatter, and the insane thing is the quick fix diets are perpetuating the problem, and they don't care. They prey on desperate humans who will do anything to lose weight, even if it means the weight they're losing is fifty percent muscle, because that's exactly what happens.

This is where the term skinny fat came from. Get this, you actually get in worse shape when you lose weight too fast. And because of this, based on stats, when you lose weight too fast and gain it all back, because that's what happens, the body keeps packing on more fat, as a result of all the muscle lost, which makes the body less efficient. NICE!!

So inefficient, that when you lose muscle, you get weaker, more susceptible to illness, stress fractures, and the list goes on. I wonder if all of these wonderful negative side effects are in the small print of these great diet programs who are trying to outdo each other in fast weight loss... What a croc.

Here's the truth. In the best case scenario, losing 1-2 lbs per week, which is recommended, along with enough protein in your diet, a weight training, and cardio program, for every four pounds lost, one pound will be muscle. Anything more than this is counterproductive, period. By the way, if your trainer does NOT know this, get rid of them, fast.

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What do your initials really stand for?

Just because you have initials before or after your name doesn't mean you know sh....t. Some of these idiots that somehow land an article in Google news don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. It's obvious by how in this case, this faker explained how you actually get drunker faster on a low carb, otherwise known as the keto diet because there are substances in a carbohydrate-based diet that absorbs the alcohol better than the fat you're eating from the keto.

Really? This fake expert doesn't even know what substances to which he's referring, yet he made it a point to fake out the people who are reading his uninformed article with his fancy initials behind his name to make him sound smart. Here's what he should have said.

If you're eating a proper keto diet, it consists of fifty-six percent fat intake which switches your metabolism from glucose to a free fatty acid metabolism. Having said that, he then should have said that fat is exactly what your body needs to keep you from getting drunker faster, because fat absorbs sugar, in fact, fat controls sugar, which makes a bad carb a good carb, because it releases the sugar much slower into the bloodstream.

But he didn't say that because he hasn't a clue about what he's talking. In fact when you're on a free fatty acid metabolism and you do intake sugar, as in alcohol, unless you continue to consume sugar for more than three days, your body's metabolism doesn't switch back to a glucose metabolism, which means the sugar, or alcohol, in this case, is being directed into the muscle storages in your body as back up fuel. This faker is exactly why people are confused because he is as well.

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Wake up, workout, and win!

When I work out I always feel better. There is nothing worse than feeling groggy, or sluggish, especially first thing in the morning. These conditions can be affected by what you eat, traveling, alcohol consumption, or being sleep deprived. Believe it or not, a great, natural cure for all this is waking up and working out. It sounds counterintuitive, but trust me, if you do this, it will produce winning results, here's why.

When you exercise, your brain and body release endorphins, which give you a sense of well-being, otherwise known as "the runners high". This is a chemical response in your body, which is legit, powerful, and very addictive in a good way. Endorphins also serve as a natural pain and stress reliever. Win, win!

A little unknown fact most people or even trainers know about is that your body usually doesn't need more rest, rather the right kind of rest, otherwise known as proper recovery. Simply put, your brain and body will be more productive and feel markedly better if you implement what's known as active recovery to your daily routine of life, no matter what that might entail.

For example, many years ago regarding weight training for competitive athletes, it was the norm to put them on a certain program for a period of time. This was known as periodization training that lasted six months, which also included a certain amount of time throughout their training where they were granted a period of time for complete rest, before commencing on their regularly scheduled training program. 

In this scenario, based on the way the training program was designed, athletes were only able to peak for competition twice per year. And then a better, more sophisticated way of training athletes evolved. The training application for this new style of training was called micro periodization. The definition of micro is small, which now means athletes were being trained for small periods of time throughout the course of each week, instead of months at a time before their program changed.

In addition, athletes were never given any periods of complete rest, instead, there was a shift in their training where active recovery was implemented, meaning the intensity and volume of their training was reduced temporarily, before returning to the regular training program. This training methodology was repeated indefinitely throughout an athlete’s regimen.

What was discovered was that the athlete could peak for competition several times per year, plus they were less likely to get injured. This is a good example of the body adapting to a new training stimuli, translating to the athlete becoming more productive as a result. So, you may be wondering how this applies to you, especially if you're not a competitive athlete.

Here's how. Just like the athlete who became more productive because of an adjustment in their training methodology, you will be more productive if you make your lifestyle a regimen of waking up, and working out which I guarantee will make you a winner each day. Now, wake your ass up and workout!!

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

You get so close, yet so far away...

Human nature is so interesting, puzzling, and amazing, all at the same time. I've been in the personal training business for almost four decades with the objective of helping individuals achieve and produce a better version of themselves. For the most part, it's been extremely rewarding to witness these transformations, not only from the physical aspect but to see how emotionally alive these people became. It was like watching a beautiful flower bloom. 

The transformation in some cases have been so dramatic, I've had clients tell me I saved their life. It's so damn humbling when this has happened, and over the years it's happened several times. I'm not stating this to toot my own horn, because I don't have an issue with that. It’s more about making the point that over the years I've also worked with clients who get so close to making significant breakthroughs and then out of the blue they give up and quit.

This is the side of humanity that is interesting and puzzling because in most cases there was not one thing I could have said or done to keep these clients moving forward. Although I'm not a certified shrink, I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, worked with thousands of clients, which makes me a pseudo-shrink of sorts, within the trenches firsthand experience. So here's my take on why I think people give up.

Humans are afraid of success and discipline, and it's easier to fail and come up with excuses as to why they couldn't, which is the sad truth. Now, here's an amazing tidbit about these humans who give up. At some point, they come back and start their journey once again towards their transformation. So, I guess the lesson here for all you real and fake trainers, is that sometimes no matter how good or fake you are, you can't help people unless they want to help themselves.

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Starting Over With Your Exercise Program Isn't Really Starting Over

Based on statistics, most people who start a program quit. It's a stat most health clubs know, and part of the reason they oversell their capacity because it takes about twenty-eight days before the masses who signed up in a state of frenzy with great intention and high hopes fly the coop and quit. The yo-yo effect of this real occurrence resembles very much what happens when people start a new diet.

There's a reason for this, which has to do primarily with having expectations set too high, and then the dagger of disappointment when results are too low. It's not 100% the fault of the individual for failing because advertising sells them a bill of goods that are flawed. They sell the dream, paint a beautiful picture in 30 seconds or so and make you believe heaven is waiting for you right around the corner in as little as a few weeks.

Before you know it, in a blink of an eye, with virtually no effort of participation, you'll be prancing and frolicking along a drop dead gorgeous beach with the world at your feet with your new gorgeous body. No shit Sherlock, with all this upside, who has time to think about failing, and yet it happens, not once, but several times.

Nevertheless, all it takes is a little down time of not working out getting even fatter before that 30 second spot magically appears, promising you that heavenly body. Once again you fall for it even though the same result as last time is imminent, but it matters not, because this time around you're sure as hell you'll follow through, which of course you dont, but in all fairness, you should still give yourself a nice pat on the head, because you did go further than your last attempt, yea.

It really is true that time heals just about everything, except for insanity. But worry not, there really is a silver lining here, as small as it may be. You see, every time you start over on your exercise program, especially if you go a little further each time, your body, because it really is fantastic in spite of you, forever imprints the exercise you did on its DNA. For this very simple reason, when you start again, your body goes right back to where you left off, unlike when you start from scratch. Now, get off your ass and exercise.

Your trainer is probably confusing the hell out of your body

Don't get fooled, if your trainer tells you your exercise and nutrition program should constantly change, they're full of a lot of things, however not good sense. In theory, changing your program is a good strategy, but it's only part of the info. The only reason you should change your program is if it's not working, to improve performance, or temporarily cure boredom.

If your trainer is not skilled enough at navigating you through an exercise and nutrition program, they could actually be confusing your body, which will impend results and performance. I would bet most trainers think that changing a program more often is more important than having the body reach a plateau. This is one glaring indication your trainer is not likely skilled enough to advise you.

The truth is, your body makes its best progress while in a plateau, plus it's a fact your body (muscle) takes much longer to adapt to a routine then your mind. I would bet my left one your trainer doesn't know that fun little fact. Because human nature is wired to take the path of least resistance, unless there is proper motivation and correct information, individuals emotionally get bored rather quickly with any kind of routine, which most of the time falsely makes them think their body's reaching a plateau, and of course this is not the case.

Misconception, and misinformation is a culprit that breeds mediocrity and frustration, most of the time sending individuals down a path that doesn't end well, because of the big giant rollercoaster ride to nowhereville. Routine and diet should not be scary words, yet they are for most individuals and uninformed trainers. The recipe for success is having a formula that is user friendly, tried and tested and based in science. Does your trainer have this?

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The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Sometimes you just gotta say screw it, let's go eat!

Developing a proper habit and mindset that can endure a kick-ass weight training regimen that produces results forever. Certainly, for those in which this ideal applies, this is utopia. The reality of this, however, is so far off the spectrum, it cannot be seen with the naked eye.

And yet for the hardcore athlete/ real bodybuilder/ or those with a death wish, it doesn't matter, because we will toil away, day in, day out, beating the crap out of our body, damned or doomed to defy the laws of physiology. We are those who are incessant about knowing everything about training. We eat, breathe and live it, hell we read everything in site and then some, even if it's in a foreign language.

We will ask the infinite amount of questions to the point of absurdity, just to find the magic bullet that will produce sick results beyond belief. But this still isn't good enough, because we need to go to the next level and try everything we've learned, because there's no better way than the first-hand experience. Now it gets really good, because suddenly after thousands of hours and reps in the gym we start getting results, which to us looks and feels like the utopia we imagine.

This is when the fire in our belly really ignites. Hell, our whole body is on fire. The intensity of our training just continues to increase, scarily. The weight training sessions that were once hard to get through look like child's play compared to how we train now. Now every workout is harder than the next.

Your now certain not only do you see utopia, you are convinced you're in it, and then from one day to the next, it happens. You wake up, psyched for your upcoming training session, then all of a sudden the energy leaves your body like someone reached in your body and ripped out every last bit. Holy shit you think, I gotta go train. All of a sudden you don't want to. What the hell, yesterday you were a bull in a china closet, and today you're a wimp in pampers.

You feel so damn guilty because you know you should be in the gym kicking ass and taking name's, but by now you know it ain't gonna happen. But here's the truth, when you really train with this kind of unrelenting intensity, although mentally you want to hit the gym, physically, whether you know it or not, your body needs rest. When this happens, and it shouldn't happen very often, you gotta just say screw it, and go eat, rest, and enjoy the hell out of it, minus the guilt trip of course. No worries, tomorrow will be back soon enough for you to get back to your kick-ass workout.

When and why you should cycle your supplement regimen...

Your body is always trying to adapt to its environment, no matter what that may be. It could be adapting to climate change, a toxic relationship, exercise routine, or a supplement regimen. It's your body's natural built in coping mechanism that adapts too many kinds of stimuli.

Adaptation is a tricky proposition, especially when it applies to performance, as in this case where you want to get the most benefit from your supplement regimen, which directly ties into dosage intake and length of time before dosage intake changes.

This is a game changer, because if the dosage is too low it's ineffective because the receptor site is not getting proper stimulation, and yet if dosage is too high for too long it overwhelms the receptor site, which could possibly cause adrenal fatigue or even adrenal burn out, which can be dangerous. So what the hell is a receptor site you might ask, and how do you create the ultimate environment where the adaptation process is in harmony with your physiology.

First of all, by definition, a receptor site is an organ or tissue able to respond to light, heat, or other external stimulus and transmit a signal to a sensory nerve. As far as creating the ultimate environment, I would say either ask your trainer, which could possibly/probably be fake news, or stay tuned for more truth talking... #absurdbeyondbelief


The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

When should you breathe during a weight training set?

Breathing at the right time can definitely make repetitions in a training set more effective, but does it matter when you breathe during a training set? Should you breathe when you finish performing a repetition, or just before you begin, or perhaps it's better to hold ones breathe throughout the entire set? Like everything else, it seems there's always conflicting opinions, but there's one thing for sure, which is to always consider the source.

Truth is, holding ones breath is not always a bad thing, unless to the extent it causes an unusually high spike in blood pressure, or if it's chronic. It's important to note that heavy lifting will generally spike blood pressure which is typically normal, and usually not dangerous, unless you have high blood pressure to begin with, then you should exercise vigilance, as an unintended consequence could be exposing oneself to stroke. So, bottom line here is first know if you have a blood pressure issue before you start hoisting around a ton of weight.

While we're on the topic of holding your breath, something to know is without question when holding your breath, especially when lifting heavy, you're definitely stronger. So how can you have your cake and eat it without it being dangerous? First of all, know this, holding your breath causes intracranial pressure, however, even when expelling any amount of air as you lift, relieves the pressure in your skull. This little tad bit is an important training tip you and your trainer should know about.

Otherwise, if you don't hold your breath, don't get all caught up wondering when you should breathe or hold your breath throughout a training set, because it's an unwanted distraction that takes your mind away from focusing on the quality of each repetition. Your body is very instinctive, and knows when to breathe as long as you don't over think, so don't get in its way. Train, breathe, rinse, and repeat.

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Does Your Weight Training Program Automatically Change For Your Specific Goals?

Of course the answer should be yes. A thoughtful question would be, when should it automatically change? Most weight training programs/trainers either change too soon or too late. If your weight training program changes too often it's because you have bad Intel. Granted, human nature is such that it often times wants gratification sooner than later, but this line of thinking and expectation is counterintuitive and counterproductive.

In fact, the more often the program changes, the less effective it is, simply because based on the natural rhythm of your physiology, it needs repetition to a degree to effectively adapt, and otherwise, it's in a constant state of confusion. With even this being stated, your physiology is so adaptive it will still try to adapt, because by its own nature, that's what it does, as a part of your body's built in fight or flight response nervous system.

Therefore, it only makes logical sense to construct a weight training program that creates harmony in alliance with its own physiology. The first step before developing a weight training program that automatically adjusts, along with being specific to your goals, is to first identify exactly what the training goals are.

Give careful thought to this, because you may have a wish list which are all important, but you must clarify of those that are the most important to the ones of lesser importance, otherwise you'll compromise them all. Secondly, further identify if you want a fitness, bodybuilding, or a strength training program. Same strategy applies as to which of those are the most to the least important. Not to worry, when you've achieved your training goal, you can always create different priorities for your specific goals.

You're now ready to proceed forward, except for knowing the length of time that should be spent on your weight training program before it automatically adjusts according to your goals. Oh by the way, this is a pop quiz for you and or your trainer. Should your program automatically change at:

 A. 1-2 weeks

B. 3-4 weeks

C. 5-6 weeks

 This should be easy to answer, especially if you have or know a trainer.

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Can Your Cardio Program Automatically Change For Your Specific Goals

So many people screw up cardio. The number one reason is because they don't know where their training zone heart rate should be. There are those who simply think that when doing cardio, they should go as hard as possible, equating that as mission accomplished. This is incorrect!!

Over the years there have been many advocates who have touted various ways to do cardio or even going as far as claiming there are certain cardio machines that produce more results than others, which is fine, but those claims are mostly opinion based. To be clear, there are different styles of cardio training, but it still comes down to the training zone heart rate, and the targeted goal.

When constructing a coherent cardio training program, one must consider age as a factor and part of the formula, because the training zone heart rate is age dependent. Therefore, the great importance of knowing where your heart rate should be during training, in order to maximize cardio results defines the distinction between your body, burning fat as energy verses sugar. FYI, this is a major distinction.

Properly understanding the cardio training variables is the building block for developing a thorough cardio training program that can be specific to individual goals in addition providing the capability for automatically adjusting throughout an entire program. Hopefully your trainer knows about this.


The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Can Your Diet Automatically Change For Your Specific Goals?

If your diet can't do this, you don't have a good diet strategy. BTW, I haven't seen one diet program on the market that is capable, so if you think your diet program does, you've been hoodwinked. Don't misunderstand, there are tons of diet programs that work to a degree but they are all marginalized. The reason for this marginalization is because the human condition is fickle.

At times humans are highly motivated perhaps because of something big that's upcoming in their life like a school reunion where they want to look amazing, or a wedding where they want to look amazing. This is very powerful motivation, so starting any kind of diet doesn't really matter in as much case as the goal desired.

But, therein lies the problem, because for that individual who is insanely motivated, they will eat dirt if you told them they would achieve their goal. Even if they do, then what. Once the goal is achieved, unless there are subsequent events that trigger enough insane motivation to withstand the torture of the user unfriendly, short termed diet programs, they will fail.

But, if you had a diet so flexible it could automatically adjust to the exact needs and situation of the individual, in addition lifestyle friendly, only then would you have a diet program that really works, not only for the interim, but for the long haul. Well, here's the great news!! There is a diet program that does all of this called Macro Circuit Diet. I wonder if your trainer knows about this.

Stay tuned for more truth talking…


The Truth Talker (Leo Costa)

Inside Secrets of a World Class Bodybuilder

High level competitive bodybuilders are uniquely trained, with a vast understanding of how to manipulate nutrition and weight training for the purpose of creating a physique that is extremely muscular, yet very lean and symmetrical, which is no small feat by any means. Most nutritionists and trainers don't come close to understanding how to effectively implement nutrition and weight training to produce these kinds of results. Believe me, it's not possible unless you've been down the road less traveled for many years in the trenches learning the intricate lessons of how nutrition and training really work. These are not a disparagement remarks by any means to those who haven't, but the truth remains, here's why.

Consider the fact, in order to compete at the highest level, a bodybuilder must have the knowledge and ability to be at their peak condition within a matter of hours prior to a competition, which has a window of about three hours. Let me let you in on something, for those who haven't competed, it's one of the hardest things to master, in fact most who have mastered this only attain their perfect peak condition at the right time, once, maybe twice in their career.

Otherwise, reaching a peak condition is allusive, and can be highly unpredictable if one is not at the top of their game, and even if so is still a tricky proposition. Most of the time bodybuilders mistime their peak by minutes, even weeks, which is frustrating because it usually takes 3-6 months to prepare for an event, so when you miss, it can be extremely disappointing. And even with this being said, bodybuilders are so honed at the time of competition that even when they've mistimed their peak, they're still at times good enough to win.

It's a sport that's unforgiving that way, and yet the very thing that's alluring to the hardcore bodybuilder. The challenge in so many ways is in the struggle of overcoming the suffering and dedication it takes for creating the ultimate physique, which for most is not normal. However, when that day happens, when you finally do hit your perfect peak with perfect timing, it changes your life forever. I know this because it happened to me... Once!

Stay tuned for truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talking (Leo Costa Jr)