Your Body Becomes It's Function

The most efficient way to get in shape is to create a training program that is specific to one's goals. Lose weight, maintain weight, gain weight, increase endurance. These are examples of specific goals, but there are many more. This is why it's imperative to develop a comprehensive training regimen that works in harmony with the natural rhythm of your physiology, which has a designated time line before adaptation occurs, as well manipulating the three training components responsible for changing the body, which need to be implemented simultaneously for a greater effect.

Most training programs are destined to fail, because they don't have the necessary infrastructure for long term results. In addition, trainers are deficient in firsthand experience, and lack the full understanding of how to construct an inclusive program that can produce and reproduce dramatic results with pin point accuracy. A good question to ask your trainer is, “What is the natural time line of your physiology, and what are the 3 training components?”

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The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)