Specific Weight Training

Specific weight training regiments produce specific results. I was fortunate to learn this eight years prior to when it became hugely popular and necessary among all sports, which was about twenty-five years ago. It wasn't that long ago where most coaches didn't know the benefits of sports specific training. Back in those days football coaches thought only the lineman should lift weights and everybody else on the team should avoid the weight room like the plague.

Surprisingly, this misinformation transcended all sports. Back in the late eighties I trained several major league baseball players, in addition invited to spring training camp because I was working with one of the starting pitchers for the San Francisco Giants. It was an eye opener to say the least.

What was striking and most common was how bad in shape these highly paid pros were coming into spring training, however, there were two exceptions named Mark Maguire and Jose Cancesco who at the time both played for the Oakland Athletics, and boy were these two yoked. They were ahead of the curve knowing that the right kind of training in the weight room could enhance their performance on the playing field, and were largely responsible for changing the mindset in major league baseball. In current times it's the minority that don't train with weights.

Here's what's concerning and even more disturbing speaking from a professional trainers point of view. If you have some yahoo wanna be fake trainer working with athletes, especially those who make their living at it, not knowing how to properly train them specifically for their sport, you are exposing them to injuries and sub par play on the field. So athletes beware, make sure you work with a real, not fake trainer.

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The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)