Make Every Rep A Perfect One!

There is a dramatic difference between weight lifting and weight training, to the extent that forty percent of weightlifting is wasted movement, because the targeted body part is not being thoroughly exhausted. Unless you're a world level competitive bodybuilder, you really don't know how to weight train efficiently, you know how to weight lift which produces very different results, or shall we say, lack thereof.  Unfortunately most trainers are wasting their client’s time and money, because they're not abiding by this golden rule.

A trainer’s objective when training clients on a resistance program should be to make every repetition a perfect one, which requires a boatload of discipline, and knowledge. This is way more difficult than it sounds, and a major reason why it takes up to twelve years for bodybuilders to develop a body that is considered world caliber worthy.

For those of you who have a trainer, pay attention to the kind of detail they pay attention to when you're being trained. It doesn't matter what day it is, or how long you've worked together, making reps perfect should always be top priority. Fake trainers beware, you're being watched.

Stay tuned for more truth talking….


The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)