Why Carbs Are Killing Your Health

If carbs are so good for you why are so many of them bad for you. Some of these carbs are so bad they inflame your body to a point it's difficult just to perform normal daily tasks. However, there's no question there are healthy carbs one can eat, but get this, even if you eat too many of those healthy ones it's going to put your health at risk, because what it does to your triglyceride count, plus as I said they'll make you FAT. By the way if you have a trainer, or looking for one, they should be versed in this area because it's a major problem, and if they're not, you probably have a faker posing as a trainer,

Truth be told, unless you really understand how the macros impact your body, good and bad, it can get down right confusing knowing just what you should eat. It's no wonder most of the population is overweight. But, not to worry, it doesn't have to be that way, because your diet can be made simple, user and lifestyle friendly, but most importantly effective.

I'll give you part of the solution and a way for you to immediately reduce the ill effects of carbs. Cut down on refined sugar, which is kind of a no brainer. There are several other ways to make carbs friendly, truly healthy, and a powerhouse source of energy. Ask your trainer about this. If they're legit, they'll she'd some very important light on this subject. If not, keep searching for the right trainer. Otherwise, stay tuned for my next truth talking blog.

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The Truth Talker (Leo Costa, Jr)