Does your trainer need a trainer? Something that makes me go hmm!

When I look around, sometimes it's hard to tell who the trainer is and who the client is. So many of these trainers are in horrible shape, and some are in no shape at all. They have the nerve to wear shirts that say trainer, and I wonder, trainer for what, animals. No, unbelievably they're personal trainers.

Look, I certainly don't think you necessarily have to look the part to know the information for which you profess, however in the health and fitness industry, where individuals, to an extent, are visual creatures, it would definitely improve credibility. Now, I'm not that guy who only sees the problems in things, I'm a problem solver always looking for solutions.

So, to all trainers who look like they need a trainer, the obvious solution in my not so humble opinion offers a two prong approach. First, let me train you so we can get your body into trainer shape. Second, let me certify you as a real personal trainer. I guarantee after both of these things are completed, you will be fully equipped to be and call yourself a trainer, plus you'll look the part. Then you can wear that trainer shirt with great pride. Oh, and by the way, all my work is backed by a money back guarantee, is yours as a trainer? I'm just saying.

Stay tuned for more truth talking….


The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)