Protien Assimilation

How can you facilitate protein assimilation, or can you?  Why is this important? Correct answer is yes you can, however most individuals don't utilize protein correctly, severely compromising training results, which also slows down your body’s ability to recover from grueling workouts, and that's a fact.

Protein is the most important macro of the three. It's the building block for putting on muscle and burning fat. This is why it's important to drive protein into your body so it gets to the cellular level, however, not all protein is equal, so it's crucial understanding how to maximize protein assimilation otherwise you’re doing it for not. At this point your body is not effectively utilizing this precious macro to its fullest potential, instead it secretes it. Yep, that's also a fact. All of a sudden your protein has now become very expensive urine, what a waste.

But it goes well beyond that, and for those of you who have a trainer, hopefully they have at least educated you about the distinction between slow and fast acting protein, and how and when you should utilize each one. You might want to ask them what the difference is between whey, whey isolate, milk and egg, and casein protein.

Which protein you should use for pre and post workout? How long does it take for fast acting protein to reach the cellular level? When should you utilize slow acting protein? Finally, how long is the window of opportunity open for your body to accept protein before that window slams shut denying protein assimilation? Now, the real question might be, does your trainer really know their stuff? Beware of fake trainer syndrome.

Stay tuned for more truth talking….


The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)