Stretching Is A Waste Of Energy

Your body is highly adaptable, both in a positive and negative way. What you teach it, it will do. This is known as the body becoming its function through repetitions, with repetitions being the mother of skill. So, knowing this physiological fact why would you want to stretch, unless of course you were teaching your body how to stretch more effectively?

Some exercise enthusiasts / fake trainers might tell you one should stretch to warm up the muscle, which is a fair assumption, but it's just an assumption that's inaccurate. Truth is, even if you should stretch it wouldn't be before the actual exercise being performed.

Here's the scoop. Most who stretch, do it improperly to the extent they expose muscle, tendons and ligaments to injury because of hyper stretching. In addition, stretching can cause inflammation to tendons which leads to tendinitis, even weakening muscle strength by 30%. Let's be clear, I'm not saying you shouldn't stretch as long as it’s done properly, but the fact remains, it's a waste of energy. Clients beware, if your trainer is having you stretch, ask them why.

Stay tuned for more truth talking...

The TT (Leo Costa Jr)