If You're A Trainer Be A Trainer and Teach Your Clients!

It's so disgusting to the point of absurdity. I'm so sick of trainers being asleep at the wheel half the time when they're training their clients. So many times they have a look of being in a death stare looking right through the walls.

In all my years of being in the gym training my own clients, I've seen more things that trainers do or don't do that are pure stupidity. The job of a trainer is to pay attention to their clients to see if they're making mistakes, and encouraging them when they're doing things right. I swear, it's as if they're as blind as bats, either that or they really are brain dead. 

And what's up with you fake morons who put your clients on cardio and never check on them? Listen, get it through your feeble minds, you're a trainer. You never stop teaching, even when your client's doing cardio. Here's a novel thought, how about teaching them about the importance of knowing and being accountable to the proper heart rate, which is age dependent, and why the aerobic training zone is the difference between the body burning sugar, verses fat. There is always something you can do as their trainer to make them understand things better about exercise and nutrition that can benefit them in the most efficient way. Fakers go away, not only are you bad for your client’s health, you're bad for mine.

Stay tuned for more truth talking from your fitness expert…