The Most Dangerous Macro

Of the three macros, this one is potentially the most dangerous because at times it masquerades itself as a good guy, but it's really a bit of a charlatan, if you will. Most individuals don't fully understand what this macro really does except for what they've heard or read about over and over. If you don't know any better you'll just assume this macro is the go to macro for overall health, and the best way to energy source your body.

This macro has always received more credit than it probably deserves, and yet it does have redeeming qualities. There was a time when the Food and Drug Administration highly suggested increasing the consumption of this macro, while decreasing one of the other macros because it was considered unhealthy, but really those were false accusations in the overall scheme of things. The crazy fact is as a result of increasing this macro the population got fatter. Hmmm!

Here's another fun fact. Your body by design takes the path of least resistance when utilizing energy, therefore recognizing this macro as the easiest energy source to breakdown after consumption, consequently leaving the other two macros temporarily on the sidelines. Based on that intel, and the fact the so called experts keep touting this macro as the prince charming of the bunch, you would think they must be proving us with accurate information, right? Ahh, not so fast, this is not 100% true.

Contrary to popular belief, the so called health and fitness experts have most definitely misjudged this macro, in addition the other two they've shunned for quite some time. Why is that? Truth is, if you really know your stuff regarding nutrition, then you know that all macros are equal in the role they play as it relates to overall health.

Just a heads up. Clients who have trainers, please make sure they really do understand how to make all the macros work for your benefit, otherwise you might have someone posing as a real trainer. Oh, and for the record, below is the answer for the macro that is potentially the most dangerous.


The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)