Take It To The Next Level

Is your workout boring you? If so, good, that means you're probably on the right training program. In order for your body to respond to a training stimulus whether it be for power, strength, endurance, or packing on hard earned muscle, you have to pound it into submission every time you train, with endless amount of reps and sets. For weeks at a time you'll be doing pretty much the same training regiment, which can become monotonous, but that's what it takes to get the body to really respond.

What you won't hear unless you're a high level competitor is that every time you walk into the gym to train you have to walk in fire, meaning you have to put your body in pain, otherwise you're compromising your results. If you don't have a love hate relationship with your training program, you're level of intensity sucks. So ask yourself, do you really have what it takes to get the results you desire? If you think so, and think you're able to do this kind of training on your own, I can tell you, you can, but not to the level of intensity I'm talking about, and that's a solid promise coming from a seasoned world level competitive bodybuilder.

There's a reason bodybuilders who compete at a high level usually have multiple training partners. To maintain a high level of intensity throughout a training program takes tremendous support and motivation to get through brutal training sessions. The average person looking in from the outside has no idea or realizes the effort and sacrifice it takes to create change to the body, especially at the elite level. The truth is, most who embark on a training program like the idea of being in shape, but not really prepared for the reality of the commitment for the ongoing suffer fest.

However, for the small percentage of those who endure, my suggestion for putting yourself in the best position to excel, maximizing your training efforts, is to have the right training information, or better yet hire a well-qualified trainer, which will be a challenge in itself, maybe even more difficult than a bruising workout. Beware fake trainers.