Never Settle For Less

I would venture to say most of us would agree that settling for the best of anything would be pretty easy to live with, yet most settle for less, way less. The idea of being the best, or having the best sounds very appealing, and yet the reality of having what it takes for reaching this pinnacle is not for everyone.

The relative question here is are you settling for less than what you should be getting out of your health and fitness program? Is it because you don't know where to start, or because it's just too overwhelming. These are legit questions.

Most importantly, you must be responsible for your own success, which means you have to do some of your own homework, in addition, seeking help from a professional trainer. The idea and objective is to initially position yourself in the proper environment for success, as this increases the probability of reaching the success you desire. This strategy shortens the learning curve from point A to point B.

If you're that person in the market for a personal trainer, be mindful that initially they are asking the right questions. They should know things like what your specific goals are, including if you've ever exercised or followed any kind of diet plan? Do you have any injuries, or allergies? These are a few examples, but there are more.

Once your trainer has gone through this much needed fact finding process, they should proceed in laying out a success strategy for what your health and fitness program will look like with great detail that you can understand. If you don't start from this point, the chances of you settling for less than the best is imminent. Trainers beware of potential clients who are informed with the power of knowledge. They might expose you if you're a poser.

Stay tuned for more truth talking….


The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)