Overcoming Genetics

This is generally an interesting debate. As a competitive bodybuilder, there was always a body part we wanted to change, because of the shape being unappealing. For a lot of us it was about creating a peak on our show muscles, like the biceps, so we could look amazing in a tank top. We would toil in the gym for endless hours trying any kind of routine that could possibly create this magic, or even looking for that wonder supplement that no one else had yet found.

Sometimes genetics plays in your favor, but often times it doesn't, so how can you overcome genetics? Interestingly, in the sport of bodybuilding where muscle shape and symmetry are crucial, the lack of gifted genetics was usually not the excuse or reason for not developing a winning physique, and yet so many in the industry blamed their genetics. These were usually the cry baby’s in the sport who looked for any reason but themselves for their lack of success.

If we take a look at the athletes who overcome their genetics, no matter the sport or situation, we realize they don't use the genetics excuse for why they can't, but for why they can. In the sport of bodybuilding it was about creating an illusion to make the physique look more symmetrical. Yes, an illusion.

So what if you didn't have that natural small waist. How could you develop that V shape that was considered gold standard? Believe me, it's a process. First, you have to strip the excess fat off your body to see where your waist really is. Once this occurs, you must understand you cannot make your waist any smaller, for example by doing more abdominal exercises, in fact that will make your waist wider.

Don't be surprised if your trainer suggests that more ab exercises will give you a smaller waist, because most fake trainers fail to realize that the more you train muscle the more that hypertrophy occurs, period. Here's the truth, the way you make your waist look smaller in this example is to add width to your shoulders, therein less the illusion, and the real solution.

Stay tuned for more truth talking….


The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)