You're Only As Good As Your Quality Of Movement

Quality multiplied by quantity equals results. Human nature has a tendency of having the mindset that more is better, and there is truth in this philosophy, but often times it's at the expense of quality, which then becomes a deterrent. Until I learned this valuable lesson, my bodybuilding career had reached its pinnacle, yet there was so much more potential to tap into.

I had to reorganize my thinking and approach towards the way I trained after being advised by a seasoned bodybuilding pro to do less training, not more. Change for most humans is normally difficult, but with a bodybuilder, it's extreme, especially when they're told to do less training as opposed to more.

My biggest mental hurdle would be cutting my training sessions from up to two hours each time I trained, to thirty to forty-five minutes. Quite frankly I was in shock, and certain that there was no freaking way I could continue making forward progress with my physique.

The one common denominator among hardcore bodybuilders is that they have the perfect willingness. It's so ingrained in our psyche it can be dangerous, yet when channeled properly it can produce massive results, so I very reluctantly made the change.

I must say, walking out of the gym after only thirty to forty-five minutes of training was a mind blower. Compared to two hours of training, I wasn't coming close to getting the same amount of training which consequently made me feel guilty like I was cheating on myself, but I carried on anyway staying on my new training strategy.

Interestingly, after about three weeks, the most amazing thing began to occur. My mindset started changing. I noticed I had better focus and intention when performing each set. Stated differently, I was starting to focus on each repetition rather than the set, now training with more quality, and then all of a sudden it got better. This is when I started repping some of my biggest benefits from my training.

My body started changing in ways like never before. The more quality I put into the training session, the more my body transformed. The quality of my physique almost overnight became world level caliber. I now was becoming more and more proficient at consistently focusing on the performance of each repetition throughout every training session, which I might add is extremely difficult. It became obvious, and I was now convinced that doing less volume of training (quantity) produced more results, as long as the right intention and intensity were present. I'll forever be indebted to that season pro.

By the way for those of you who have a trainer, ask them these two questions which will be an indication of how legit they are. 1. Why is it important to keep the length of weight training sessions between 30-45 minutes? 2. How many sets in each training session (30-45 minutes) should you perform?

Stay tuned for more truth talking…..

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)