Is Your Trainer Legit: You Trainers Wonder Why?

You people wonder why you can't make a living as a trainer. My first recommendation is to look in the mirror. 95% of the problem is staring right back at you. Besides that, most of you are misinformed more than you're even aware. You have just enough knowledge to be a danger, literally.

It obvious, by the information you post on social media that you have sheep mentality and are just spewing information that you've read about or following the latest trend other fake trainers are posting on social media as the next big thing that unsuspected individuals should try. You 'Wanna Bees' out there are mucking up the market and ruining the credibility of the real trainers who are providing a much needed service. My recommendation for you fakers out there is to go get a job where you don't potentially hurt people, otherwise learn this industry from the legit trainers.

Stay tuned for more truth talking on my next blog. 


The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)