The BIG DEBATE in the fitness industry!

What's the most efficient way to lift to put on muscle? Heavier weight with fewer reps or more reps with lighter weight? This is an ongoing debate to this day, especially in the bodybuilding world. There is a definite answer, however trying to convince a group of bodybuilders is like debating politics and religion. Both sides claim their right, and willing to fight to the death to make their point. I guess it's good to have a strong belief in something unless that belief undermines results, which in this example it does.

On the other hand, most trainers, health/ life coaches, fitness models/bodybuilders can't even debate this question, and yet they'll try.  Not only is it obvious they lack experience, which is exposed by their general knowledge of things, but it's appalling to me how bad of shape so many of these fakers are in. I mean, I understand you don't have to necessarily look the part to know your stuff,  but some of these wanna be trainers need to do a mirror gut check. For those of you looking for a trainer, beware.

Stay tuned for more truth talking....


The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)