The Top 7 Questions You Need To Ask Your Trainer (fake or not fake)

1. How much cardio should you do in one session to burn the highest amount of body fat without wasting muscle?

2. What's the most efficient way to lift to put on muscle? Heavier weight with fewer reps or more reps with lighter weight?

3. Does doing more repetitions create body definition?

4. What's one of the best ways to get rid of post workout soreness that doesn't involve supplementation?

5. Has your trainer asked you about your heart rate lately? If they haven't they should. Heart rate reveals a lot about what's going on in and with your body for both weight training and cardio.

6. What exactly are the benefits of aerobic conditioning? You'll be surprised how many people who only have a general idea and unfortunately your trainer might be one of those. The typical answer to this question will be to burn body fat. That answer is definitely correct but there's much more benefit than that.

If your trainer can't give you the full scope of benefits of aerobic conditioning then as a trainer, who you are trusting, is significantly compromising your results. Why would you want to give your trust and money to someone who is half equipped? Stay tune

7. What are the benefits of cross training for injured body parts? I'm not talking about the highly popular cross training program that many are doing. The cross training to which I'm referring heals injuries, not causes them. I wonder if the cross training trainers know the answer to this question. I'll bet my last dollar they don't.

Just because your trainer is certified doesn't mean they're legit, in fact they can potentially be dangerous to your health. Most trainers who are certified are those who were capable enough to pass a handwritten test. Kudos to those who did that, but you have to have in the trenches training experience to fully understand how to apply all of that information you learned from a test.

If you have a trainer, or are in the market for one, here's a one question acid test that will arm you with some knowledge and verify if the trainer whose well being you're about to put in their hands is legit.

Here's the acid test question. Assuming the client is not in over trained status, how long does it take for the physiology to achieve full recovery after a training session before a subsequent workout can be performed?

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The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)