Is Your Trainer Legit: A calorie Is a calorie!

A calorie is a calorie. By definition, a calorie is a measure of heat that provides energy for the body. So why is this important? Simple answer is to make diet simple and effective.  Listen, you're not fat because of what you eat, instead it's because of how much you eat. Truth is I can get you in the best shape of your life on a junk food diet. Yes, you heard right.

Take this little tad bit of information to your trainer and see what they do with that. Most likely they'll gasp in wonderment simply because they really don't understand how this all works.  I'm not surprised. Now, in all fairness, with regard to calories, if you eat cleaner, you might feel better, but in terms of losing weight and getting lean there's no difference.

Stay tuned for more truth talking on my next blog.


The Truth Talker