Is Your Trainer Legit: "But I Eat Healthy"

“But I eat healthy.” This is a fairly common response from individuals who I've consulted when talking about their current way of eating. Mind you, I've been in this business of diet and exercise long enough, 37 years to be exact, so when I tell you I've heard a thing or two I'm as serious as a heart attack. Pun intended…. maybe!

It's interesting, and even more telling the way people perceive and understand how their diet impacts them. Truth is, when you're the average consumer, it gets a bit messy because there's a lot of information, as well as misinformation about what kind of diet you should be following that really benefits you. Hopefully the misinformation you're getting is not coming from your trainer, unfortunately that just may be the case.

When you don't really understand how diet works, and just how powerful those macros are, how can you (trainer) understand diet on a proper level to teach others? I'm not going out on a limb here by telling you that it's more likely your trainer knows just enough about diet to be potentially dangerous.

Stay tuned for more truth talking…


The Truth Talker