Active Recovery: Your Body Is Designed To Move

Just because you're injured or experiencing post workout soreness doesn't mean you have to stop training until it goes away. In fact, the opposite is true except in extreme cases. Here's why. Oxygen and red blood cells are natural healers. The way to produce more of both is to exercise especially when injured or sore. Note to self, when injured, you should make a training adjustment. Because of your injury there may be an issue with range of motion, or even the ability to perform resistance training.

Not to worry, the ace in the hole is performing exercise by only using your body through space as the natural resistance. You can also perform light cardio training as a way to train for active recovery. Anything you can do to get the body to move when injured will heal the injury significantly faster. This is what's known as active recovery, as opposed to not doing anything at all until the injury has healed. Think of active recovery as a form of rehab, however more progressive.

Now, with regard to implementing active recovery because of resistance training soreness, there usually isn't a range of motion issue, so normally you can weight train with no restriction. One of the best times to implement active recovery is the following day after training the body part in question, and even after five hours post training.

In this strategy, active recovery is achieved by training with high repetitions, anywhere between twenty and thirty reps. The emphasis is light, not heavy lifting, which produces more oxygen and red blood cells, once again, excellent for reducing soreness. In addition, light cardio training for fifteen minutes immediately after resistance training is a preventive measure for detouring the onset of post workout soreness, as well doing light cardio training each following day. Fyi, for those of you working with a trainer, if you're not getting this kind of training guidance, you might have a faker on your hands. Have them read this blog!

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Best, The Truth Talker