Boosting Cycles

One of the most common complaints and frustrations of individuals who follow a fitness, or specific training regimen are plateaus or training results happening too slow. The human condition especially in today's society has a small attention span, and want immediate results. Nothing necessarily wrong with this mindset, but at the same time there is a process to just about everything especially with regard to achieving targeted results.

That being said, this becomes a game changer. In this example, when pushing the body to get results beyond is normal limits, extraordinary training methodologies must be implemented. To get the best results, the training strategy must work in conjunction with the natural functioning of the physiology, otherwise you're working against your body, stifling results.

The most efficient way to get in shape is to create a training program that works in harmony with the natural rhythm of your physiology, in addition implementing the three training components. A good question to ask your trainer is what is the natural rhythm of your physiology and what are the three training components.

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The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)