Why Are You Wearing A Belt

Most people who wear a belt in the gym shouldn't. The gym isn't a place where you adorn yourself with jewelry, and yet these that I'm referring are doing just that. Look I'm not saying the gym isn't a place to show off because it is, I'm guilty as charged. But just to walk around the gym to do a fake workout and wear a belt to make you look more fashionable. UHH NO. Go outside and wear your damn belt with your skinny jeans, or go home and find a new hobby.

However, the belt does serve a very useful purpose in the gym, besides hanging up on a hook and looking good. It's a performance enhancement tool. In other words, if you need to crank out a few more reps, or lift more weight, strap that baby on. For those who are thinking you need to wear your belt because of an injury, I say fix or strengthen your injury without the belt, because as in most cases the belt becomes a crutch. Lose the damn belt.

By now, some of you may think I've lost my marbles giving out this information, or maybe performed too many heavy squats, with a real belt. That's fine, I'm sure the wright brothers heard the same kind of criticism. One more little scientific fact regarding the use of a belt. The body becomes its function, which by definition is Wolf's law. So, what are you training your body to do? And you trainer's out there in workout land, if you don't know stuff like this, go home, put on your skinny jeans and a weightlifting belt.

Stay tuned for more truth talking….


The Truth Talker