Set Extenders

Set extender techniques are ADVANCED strategic training tactics for the purpose of pushing the physiology past its normal limits. Novice and intermediate training enthusiasts beware!

Loose styling training, otherwise referred to as cheating is one of the best ways to produce breakthrough results, in addition, a great way to extend a set. You don't always have to lighten a weight to get an effect. The main objective when training the physiology is getting the result you want in the most expedient way while minimizing potential injuries. Stated differently, use the same weight you start the set with and use your body as leverage to cheat the weight up to crank out extra reps when it gets too heavy, or when muscle fatigue occurs while keeping the training emphasis on the targeted body part.

There are many factors that will enhance set extenders. First, you can't have any absence of motivation, desire, and perfect willingness. If you honestly can't answer a resounding yes I have those personality traits, stop reading this and regroup. Do the right exercises...There are a variety of exercises that can be performed for each body part, yet only certain ones that always produce results. These are definitely your go-to exercises.

Get the most out of your exercises, to begin with, Most who weight lift, waist a lot of energy on wasted movement. This is not unusual, actually more common than not, simply because before you get really good at something, you're going to SUCK!

Make every movement of every rep count. Before you even think about extending a set with loose style training, get the most from strict style training. Quality and quantity of movement go hand in hand. One without the other will produce a compromise in terms of reaching full training potential.

Word to the wise, unless you're a seasoned world level bodybuilder who knows their stuff about training from a to z and all the training nuisances go along with that, or you have a legit professional trainer who has the equivalent knowledge and training background, don't try this at home. Exercise to diligence making sure your training program is built on impeccable form and technique before you implement set extender techniques.

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Best, The Truth Talker