Is Your Trainer A Clear Or Present Danger?

The crap that spews from some of these trainers’ mouths is astonishing. Not only are there those who don't look the part, but then there are those who don't know what the hell they're talking about. Double wammy, in a bad way! The concern here is if you're that someone who desperately needs a trainer. I say there should be some sort of checklist or a litmus test in order to protect humanity.

In all fairness of putting things into a fair perspective, these trainers who are a clear and present danger for the most part aren't life threatening to society, yet they could be if for example you were a novice and were on a program that was too advanced. Hey listen, I've been in gyms where people we're working out and fell over dead, so don't think for one moment I'm being over dramatic because I'm not.

Here's what I know. I've competed at the world level as a self-trained bodybuilder, which took a solid fifteen years, in addition a personal trainer for close to forty years, who has worked with every kind of individual and their specific needs. I'm going to tell you, to be a well-qualified professional trainer, who is highly versed in every area of exercise and nutrition, including knowing the ins and outs of physiology with respect to effectively applying that to individuals, it takes at least ten years, and I'm being somewhat optimistic.

Unfortunately for most of those who work with a trainer, they are often times a guinea pig. These trainers are learning their craft on you. Let me be clear, there's a difference between a trainer who is trying a new exercise who already knows from first-hand experience, and practical application as well as having the theoretical knowledge of how that exercise will impact the individual, versus a trainer who is randomly trying something new, hoping for the best at the expense of the client. Trainers beware, especially you fakers, you're being watched.

Stay tuned for more truth talking….


The Truth Talker