Eating Healthy Doesn't Make You Lose Weight Faster

This is a healthy debate to have, pun intended. But I will tell you, this debate will most likely end up as an exercise in futility, again pun intended. The idea that eating healthy facilitates weight loss is a nice notion, however a misnomer. In this case, one does not equal the other, yet there's an indirect connection in terms of how you'll feel if you eat healthier. By now, most of you who are reading this are really confused or wondering if I'm on the pipe.

I can understand why most individuals think that eating healthy equals faster weight loss because it seems logical, plus, most professionals in the industry, like doctors, nutritionist's, fitness experts, trainers, fake trainers, etc, profess the same philosophy. I'm not saying that the popular opinion, in this case, is all wrong, but this belief is more of a safe bet answer than the real truth.

Let me pose a question. How does your body know if you're eating a healthy food versus one that's not? There are various factors that play into weight loss like for instance the power of suggestion to the mind, otherwise known as the placebo effect. The ole saying that telling yourself something long enough, and then it becoming truth has a powerful positive or negative impact on your body.

Again, I'm not saying that what ainstream believes isn't true, but it isn't necessarily absolute, but unfortunately the average consumer, doesn't have, nor want  in most cases all the info, just the right, and most updated info. So the bigger question here is for the consumer. Does your professional, whether it be your doctor, fitness expert, nutritionist, trainer, fake trainer, etc., have the right info for YOU?

Stay tuned for more truth talking.....

Best, The Truth Talker