The best way to burn body fat

Another Google trainer gives part of the answer. She claims the fastest way to burn body fat is to do strength training. She goes on to say you should weight lift, instead of doing more cardio. Not entirely wrong information, just incomplete, which seems to be a common theme among Google's featured personal trainers. Sad I'd say.

When a statement line this is made, it's quite obvious, at least to the real trainers, that strength training is not the fastest way to burn body fat, not to say over time it plays an important role. This fake Google trainer is inexperienced, lacking command of the three training components.

Let's be clear, strength training first makes you stronger, with the secondary benefit of added muscle mass, hence when you add muscle your body's ability to burn more calories increases, which can impact in a positive way fat loss, but that doesn't mean strength training is the best way to burn body fat, however part of the equation.

To further set the record straight, the best way to add muscle is to do volume training, meaning reps that range from 6-100, with at least eight sets, and relatively short rest periods, 30-45 seconds between sets. That's the scoop on one of the training components this fake trainer was trying to explain.

Now, to further explain the best way to burn body fat, you must implement the other two training components, which include cardio training and nutrition. Now you know the best way to burn body fat.

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)