One training objective at a time

Hello, multi task training is not the most efficient way to burn body fat Jullian Michaels. So much bullshit information on the market, and sadly from some pretty qualified trainers. Obviously Jullian's made a big name for herself in the industry as a trainer, but when someone says that doing a strength training cardio circuit is the best way to efficiently burn fat, they are simply wrong. 

Here's why. When a trainer makes a blanket statement like that it's a tell tale sign of the lack of first hand experience. The information she's giving isn't entirely wrong, just mostly not right, because she said a strength cardio circuit is the most EFFICIENT way to burn body fat. Nope, that's not how your physiology works, efficiently.

There's no doubt your body can adapt to several things at once because that's your body's (physiology), flight or fight nervous system kicking in adapting to its environment, or even protecting you from a perceived threat, but if you want to be efficient, you provide anenvironment, in this case a training environment for the physiology to adapt, before moving onto the next objective. 

This is a great example why having the training objective to put on muscle while burning body fat is not efficient, just like strength training and cardio together aren't the most efficient ways to burn body fat. The proper way to design an efficient training program is to determine the main objective and reach that objective first. It doesn't mean that as in Jullian's example you shouldn't do strength training and cardio together, but understand, which is my contention with her article, doing them together in a circuit is not efficient, period. 

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)