You have to take your body to the extreme before you really understand how it works

It takes a world level bodybuilder 10-12 years to build their physique. That sport is built on extreme behavior on every level, every single step of the way, and it becomes more extreme with more years of being in the sport. 

When you consider the only way you can attain the body of a greek god is to have the perfect willingness to go into the gym, sometimes seven days a week and put yourself through a training regimen that has the intensity of someone walking in fire naked each and every time they step in  the gym, then you begin to understand the mindset and commitment. 

And, its not only the abusive training one must endure, in addition it's being able to tolerate an extreme diet regimen where half the time your shoving thousands of calories a day in your pie hole, forcing the body to gain muscle, which by the way goes against its own nature, and an uphill battle to say the least. 

Then you switch gears and virtually starve the body days upon days, to achieve that ultra ripped physique for the upcoming competition months down the road. It's the ultimate sacrifice, but it's the only way you can find out if the diet and training strategy you committed to will bare fruit come competition day, however, the reality is most often you miss your peak by days, or even by hours.

It's heartbreaking, and disappointing because of all the time you put in, but its ok, because after taking off a few days, you shake it off and are back in the gym pounding your body into submission with more training, eating thousands of calories a day, but with a different strategy for the next competition the following year. 

The mindset of a bodybuilder is an amazing thing because they are willing to put themselves through hell and back and take their bodies through dangerous extremes at times just to find out how the body works. 

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)