How convenient is your discipline!

It seems most people have a distorted view of how disciplined they are. The word discipline generally has a negative connotation and is something that can be followed, but usually not for very long. The upside effect of discipline is related to the amount of time invested over the long haul. It's definitely something learned as opposed to something inherent. 

You'll soon realize life is full of tradeoffs no matter what, either way with a price to pay. Discipline is not tangible, so you can't touch or feel it, instead you must rely and trust the power of thought, which is the intangible, one of nature’s natural forces where you can access strength, belief, and power.

In order for discipline to be an ongoing presence, there must be a bigger calling or eventually it will fizzle. Motivation, and results are definitely factors and part of the discipline equation but still not enough to keep you in the game. Discipline can be euphoric, but it's ever so elusive, and gone in a heartbeat, at times a fickle bitch I'd say.

Long term discipline is an animal of a different color and breed of its own. You gotta dig deep in your heart and soul to withstand the suffer fest that discipline bestows upon you. It's definitely the silver lining in the cloud and a gift that keeps on giving, but you'll have to prove yourself over, and over again to be worthy.

Bodybuilding saved me in so many ways, not because it became my passion, it was my addiction. It was the very thing I needed because it immediately demanded unwavering discipline, not caring one iota about my feelings. Bodybuilding became the glue in my life that pulled me through good and bad times. Discipline is not supposed to be convenient.

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talking (Leo Costa Jr)