Feeling The Exercise Is More Important Than Form

Humans are not built exactly the same, but they pretty much are.  Usually you'll feel an exercise when good form is present. That being said, if you're a real trainer you know that with every exercise and any body part there is a natural pathway where your body is most efficient in terms of performance. In the industry we call that the groove, the sweet spot if you will.

However, when you're pushing your body past its normal limits unconventional training tactics are often needed. Such as loose style training which to the untrained eye and sadly fake trainers looks like cheating. Make no mistake, a world level bodybuilder knows that's not the case.

To take the knowledge of a world level bodybuilder and being a student of the game, you know that feeling an exercise is more important than form. Even though the form looks out of whack for is not as important because your body is still in its groove where max performance occurs. 

Most would question that logic and that's fine, but the ones who outright denounce it reveal their first-hand inexperience. If you've been in the training trenches long enough you know there are different variations of pain, joint and muscle. This is a very important distinction and an X- factor.  

Someone who is seasoned and always progressing, always learning how to get more performance out of the muscle searches for training nuances, which seem unorthodox to the untrained or inexperienced eye. The bottom line is loose style training (cheating), and partials (which is another training tactic) when done properly are extremely effective in taking muscle performance to the next level, PERIOD!

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)