Another Google trainer gives part of the answer

She claims the fastest way to burn body fat is to do strength training. She goes on to say you should weight lift, instead of doing more cardio. Not entirely wrong information, just incomplete, which seems to be a common theme among Google's featured personal trainers. Sad I'd say. 

First of all, this Google faker trainer article was targeted to a female audience. The reason I bring that up is because it makes the article even less accurate. Let's be clear, strength training is specifically for developing strength. Strength in itself isn't the most efficient way to burn more body fat, unlike volume training, meaning doing more reps, less weight. 

The incoherent fake trainer obviously doesn't know this. The reason I said targeting a female audience made the content of the article less accurate, was due to the fact that because females produce less testosterone than their counterpart, makes it less efficient to add strength or muscle, even though it can be done. 

So, doing more strength training is not the fastest way to burn body fat as this trainer suggests. Google's fake trainer would have given valuable information by communicating this, instead saying that the best way to burn body fat is to combine volume training with cardio. In addition, if they really knew their craft, they would have easily listed a weight training program based on volume, and a low impact cardio program. Period! Incomplete information such as this is a clear indication the trainer is inexperienced. Is your trainer legit? 

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)