Is your health and fitness training program a trend... Probably!

Three only way you can create ongoing consistent results from your health and fitness program is to have a regimen that's built on a sold foundation. Keep in mind, your body is always in a state of flux.To some degree, on some level, it's constantly adapting to it's environment even though initially your mind tends to resist. Here in lies the conflicting dilemma.

Human nature prefers to take the path less traveled, but if you want to create change, you must challenge it with a consistent regimen, yet most people don't, unfortunately most personal trainers don't either. Simply put, changing your training regimen too often produces less results. 

If you're that person who is always following the next trend that will continue to pop up, you'll never attain your full potential, because you won't reach the full potential of the physiology. It's your brain  fucking you up. To be clear, your brain is an organ that acts like a muscle. 

The organ (brain) in a training regimen, in layman terms gets bored and wants change before the physiology (muscle) has fully adapted to the training regimen. So, when you change your training regimen too soon, you make your brain happy, because it has something new and exciting to try, but you short change your physiology. There is a reasonable fix for this.

Listen up fake trainers, here's the scoop. Instead of  constantly changing the complete training regimen, make subtle changes, a slight variation, but still following through with the original training regimen until the physiology fully adapts. 

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)