Train more and get more

You won't hear that too often. Your body is designed to handle stress, so stress it out by training it more often. In order to produce more results from your training program at times you have to irritate the muscle more frequently. Say that to most trainers and they'll probably wet themselves. 

Note, there is a process and a method to the madness for irritating the physiology to the point where you push it to the edge without sending it into overtraining land. But keep in mind, one thing you shouldn't do for sure is train more than 45 minutes at any one time because eventually that will  promote overtraining. 

However, there is an override for this. You can train twice, even three times per day without any exposure for overtraining, but you have to keep training times between twenty and thirty minutes. If you want to watch your trainer melt down and soil themselves, tell them of this little unknown fact. 

Here's another inside training tip, tried and tested in the trenches, which will improve exercise performance. Trick your physiology, by implementing training tactics called hyperacceleration, and hyperadaptation. This is where for a period time throughout a regular training regimen, you increase training intensity, or volume, before you decellerate intensity, or volume back to the regular training regimen. Understanding how to manipulate the physiology in this manner is an efficient way to push the envelope for continued progress. If your trainer does not understand this training methodology, they're definitely compromising your results. 

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)