More Is Better

Try it all, look for new ways, it will be necessary, but in the end, you’ll realize to be a master of anything you have to put in the work. In the training industry it's often said that less is better, and quality is more efficient than quantity. That's definitely a fact and part of the equation, but not the final answer. There are many steps that must be taken, and thousands of hours of time invested, assuming that you want to be a master with complete command of your craft. It’s a powerful place to be in that fills you with the kind of confidence not many are willing to achieve. 

There are always tradeoffs, the question is are you willing to tolerate them? Most are not yet, and they don't know or want to admit it. For those who have come to grips, there's certainly nothing wrong with that. Remember, as Albert Einstein once said, " The only source of knowledge is experience". Achieving master status does not come without its challenges. In your massive attempt towards mastery, you'll soon find out that heart breaking rejection has to become a new normal, otherwise you'll never reach the pinnacle.  

This is an achievement that demands everything from within. Part of your evolution as a human being will be learning how to creatively adapt on the fly in your environment, which will keep you focused, and on your path. In addition developing a mindset that will virtually withstand any adversity that will present itself along your journey. This is a good thing because there will be times you'll be tested beyond your perceived limits, yet you will find a way to persevere, because in your gut you know it’s worth it. 

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)