I can tell you've never competed

You wake up one day after seven years and decide you can't take it anymore. You're out of shape, and some how it feels like life is already passing you by, and you're not even thirty years of age. You're frustrated, but not enough, because there's not enough pain to snap you out of this lull. 

But then one day it happens, but you're not sure, because you've not had this exact feeling which is somewhere deep inside you. You decide to start working out with weights, which isn't anything earth shattering, yet it seems like it, because it's the furthest thing that you thought you'd ever do. 

Fast forward six months, unbelievably not only are you still working out with weights, you're now training, which is another level of intensity. This phase you're in is much more serious, as in you're training everyday, watching what you eat, to the point, you're counting calories of every single thing that goes in your mouth.

Not only are you feeling better, you're looking good and people are really noticing. Now the unforeseeable happens after a year of training. You decide to compete in a bodybuilding competition. The thought of being judged in posing trunks goes way beyond unforeseeable, it borders on horrifying, and yet somehow you drum up enough nerve to compete anyway. 

Fast forward four months, you've now competed, and it's changed your life forever. Over the next fifteen years the bodybuilding lifestyle is now your life. You've become a master of your craft competing at a level where you know the ends and outs of how nutrition and exercise really impacts performance. As you reflect back, you remember when you thought you had all the answers, but now you realize you didn't. You understand that the only source of knowledge is experience. 

However, history will continue to repeat itself. It's obvious when you read about self proclaimed experts on social media who tout themselves as trainers giving advice on nutrition and training. It's also obvious they lack experience.

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)