Is your angle right

Lifting weights properly like most everything else has a process when done efficiently to a point where you can produce and have the ability to reproduce training results pretty much at will. The training angle of an exercise plays an important role. The struggle for most people is the lack of discipline and patience to the the wherewithal to follow through. 

There are many stages of weight training one must endure before learning how different exercises impact individual body parts. It's definitely not a one size fits all proposition, because people come in all shapes and sizes.This is where a legit personal trainer earns their money because a good one  shortens the learning curve. 

Otherwise a methodical approach is the protocol. A good training tip for the average Joe and Jane is initially not to focus on lifting heavy, rather opt for lighter amount of weight where more repetitions, which should range from 10-15 reps are performed.This training strategy is more favorable for concentrating on form, technique, and training angles. 

Form and technique should always be a priority, because you're only as good as your form and technique. Once this is attained, incorporating new training angles would be the next phase of well thought out training regimen.This approach will develop a strong foundation and an infrastructure designed to adapt various training methodologies.

Whether you're trying to reach the pinnacle in attaining maximum fitness, or an athlete who wants to develope the competitive edge, it will all come down to this specific strategy of focusing on form, technique, and training angles. 

Making a personal commitment and being patient enough to develop a sound training regimen is the path less traveled, and deal breaker for most, but it's the right way to create something that will produce continued, ongoing results.

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)