What the hell happen to the gym?

Hard to tell anymore! I haven't seen a really good training session in a gym since the nineties, and I'm not blind. It's pathetic and absurd beyond belief. All I see are fake trainers, fake gurus, fake workouts, fake everything. These fucking moronic trainers have their thumb up their assess not giving clients any kind of credible workout, far from it. 

Everyone now thanks to social media call themselves a guru this, guru that. I got your guru right here. These gurus are giving information that's inept, delirious, and dangerous. And then they're is the general gym atmosphere of members on their own doing what appears to be a training session.

This is definitely a site for sore eyes, and not in a good way. Ok, let me be clear, these are not fucking workouts. I've seen more action watching a moth eat a drape. These people shouldn't even  be in Planet Fitness, because even there they'd be judged. 

It's time to drain the gym swamp land. The first thing that has to happen is actually have real workouts happen in side the gym. People most of the time are like sheep, they do a damn good job of following. This will not be an easy feat, because like any other change in life, at first it's frightening. Snowflakes beware, start looking for a safe space and counseling. 

In the meantime for those who are clueless or the visual type, go to the website listed at the bottom, and watch what real training looks like. Watch it three or more times before you attempt it yourself, other wise hire a real trainer, preferably who looks the part. www.automaticfitnessplus.com.

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)