Contrary to popular belief...

Contrary to popular belief, eating more times per day does NOT make your metabolism more efficient. Amazingly, this is a fact based on how your physiology really works. This is difficult to come to grips with, especially when you come from the background of bodybuilding like I did.

The general consensus had always been to eat more meals and smaller portions a day to make your metabolism more efficient therefore your body storing less fat. But it turns out that's not the case.

I stumbled on this fun little fact while doing research which brings me to a point. Things are constantly changing with regard to information. It's a challenge for the human condition to continue to change especially when something they've learned and believe in becomes gospel.

This example is a good reminder for those of us who are in the health and fitness industry teaching and helping others to attain their important goals. It takes discipline to keep learning and moving forward, and not just simply falling into the rut of mainstream thinking. 

That said, this is why you don't have to eat more time power day to get in shape. Here's an example. One of the most powerful enzymes for breaking down fat on your body is lipase which is produced by the pancreas. In addition, your liver produces bile which is a salt and a major player in this process. In layman terms, when you eat fewer times per day, your body produces larger amounts of lipase and bile, which then breaks down more fat.

 For those of you who have a trainer, it would behoove them if they knew this but don't be alarmed, most won't because they operate from a mindset of mainstream thinking or whatever the latest trends are.

If you want results that are extraordinary, then as your trainer they have to be hungry enough to think outside the box and apply techniques that are less commercially accepted or even known, although produce fantastic results. Stay tuned for more truth talking on my next blog. P.S., if you want to learn the answers to these blogs, visit


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