Flyin Blind

Are you wondering why you're not working out? Maybe it's because you're one of those who  absolutely under no terms would ever workout to begin with, or maybe your results have come to a screeching halt, or that you're bored? It's not necessarily a bad thing your results have come to a screeching halt, or even that you're bored. For example, that's actually part of a well thought out, designed bodybuilding regimen that produces fantastic results.True statement believe it or not!

Instead, you probably need to do some fact finding, in the form of asking yourself specific question. For starters, do you often ask yourself what you want from your workout program? If you're only asking yourself once, or once in a great while, that's a potential red flag problem.

What kind of questions are they, specific or general?  Here are some additional questions I would  ask and address if I were you, in addition questions your trainer should be asking and addressing. Is your workout  program implementing all the components responsible for changing the body efficiently?

Are you over-training, or under-training? Do you know what your heart rate is when doing cardio? Do you know what your resting heart rate should be? What are your three most important goals you're wanting to achieve from your workout program? Do you have any physical limitations? How many times per week are you able to fully commit to your workout program?

Do you know why doing too much cardio will get you in worse shape? Do you know why changing your workout program too often produces fewer results? Do you know how much protein you should be taking in daily? Do you know the difference between fast and slow acting protein, and how and when they should be implemented.

Do you know when the order in which exercises are performed are extremely important for producing targeted results? If you are one of those who are working out, or are working out with a trainer, and you want to produce immediate and ongoing results, you must have a plan for your attack, addressing questions and objectives, or your results will come to a screeching halt, and you will be bored, which in this case is a bad thing.

Stay tuned for more truth talking...


The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)