Hey trainers, wake the f- - - k up

I hate cussing in public, because it sounds like hell, but the truth is you bring out the worst in me. Listen up, if you're a trainer attempting to make an honest living, especially if you're self-employed, pull your head out. When you've been in the personal training business as long as I have, and still are relevant, there's a reason why. Rest assured, I've seen a thing or two.

Let me give you all a tip. When you’re training your clients, there's always someone doing something wrong with regard to training. Unfortunately, half the time it's you, trainer, missing all kinds of training mistakes your clients are making with incorrect exercise form and technique. The real kicker is, in so many instances, it's happening right in front of your freaking eyes. This is so irritating, it’s enough to give me another stroke.

The thing that's perplexing to me is if you’re a trained trainer, why the hell are you missing so much of your client's workout. I'll tell you why, its called discipline and giving a rats furry ass. My blood is boiling, and pressure is rising as we speak. By nature, I'm a problem solver, and yet I'm complaining about the problem.

Here's my solution, and I vow never to talk about this subject again. Plain and simple, there has to be consequences. For those of you who have a trainer, pay close attention that they are consistently keeping you accountable with respect to performing your exercises with precise form an technique, and if they don't, kick them down the road like a can, as they're not worth their salt. I digress!!!

Stay tuned for more truth talking...

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)