Stupid Mistakes Trainers Make That Kill Their Business

In my 37 years of being in the personal training business, I've seen very few trainers that are worth there salt. These fake trainers generally can't maintain a clientele for any length of time, not to mention have the ability to make their business grow. It's however true that growing your own business is never a cake walk, but there are some simple tried and tested rules to live by.

Here in lies the issue for the fake trainers of the world.

-Clients become the trainer

-Trainer gets into friend status

-Trainer loses sight of client goals

-Trainer stops teaching

-Trainers don't know how to manipulate the three crucial components responsible for changing the body

-Client routines become too routine

-They don't know what there USP is

-They don't know how to promote their business

-They don't know how to convert potential clients into sales 

-They spend too much time on their phones instead of their clients

-They create clicks with certain clientele alienating others causing disharmony, which is cancer that kills their business

-Trainers become clowns losing control of their training environment which turns into romper room time. Too much horseplay, not enough workout.

These are the 10 top reasons why trainers can’t make a living!