Go Into Solution Mode

Excuse me trainer, if you have a moment I have some valuable advice. Listen to your client when they're telling you about a perceived problem they're having, or a special goal they have for themselves. Please understand, when I say listen, I mean really listen. Now, once you've effectively accomplished that, immediately go into solution mode. Of course, if you're a fake trainer you're already dead in the water at this point. But nonetheless, always remember, your client will generally communicate with you as their trusted trainer, assuming you've created a fertile environment for that to happen. It may even be with their body language, nevertheless it's all part of communication, so stay on your toes with ears open.

Again, if you really are an astute trainer, you will pay attention at all times. The next best thing you can do after reading and listening to your client's various forms of communication, is spring into action. Immediately address their concerns and come up with a plan of attack of how you're going to fix their problems, by coming up with a program which implements one, two, or all three of the training components responsible for creating change to the body in the most efficient way. Your plan of attack should be thoughtful and simplistic, yet have a detailed approach for how you'll reach their specific objectives.

Trainers take heed, if you take this approach, guess what? You become an immediate expert and your client's fearless leader. It gives them a sense they're in good hands with you. Now trainer, go out and reach their goals with them, because if you do this, you'll have a client forever. But be vigilant, there is a huge distinction between saying you can accomplish something, and actually accomplishing what you say. Talk is cheap you know! Keep in mind, your client is a representation of your work, and will be one of your best or worst sources for word of mouth advertising.

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)