Weight Training, Cardio, Nutrition... Which of these components are the most important for getting in great shape?

Most will probably say nutrition, some will say all three, and the rest will take a swinging wild ass guess and get the right answer. The truth is, they're all an important part of the overall process, but in terms of being the most important for getting in great shape, one component rules the roost. Based on some of the information I see posted on social media from those so called experts, it's glaringly obvious they are rookies, with others being delusional.

But then again, when I reflect back to when I was a rookie Mr. know it all, I realize now how much I didn't know, which highlights an ole saying of "knowing just enough to be dangerous". Hey, but looking on the bright side, as long as no one gets hurt along the way and the so called experts continue to learn until they get it right, then I say, no harm, no foul. Who said I'm not an optimist.

Let me clarify with a coherent explanation with the importance as to why weight training is the big dog of the three components. If nutrition was the most important, what would happen if you only implemented a perfectly calculated nutritional program without the other two components to get in great shape? Answer. Nutrition alone cannot tone or add muscle to the body. Nutrition alone cannot prevent the body from muscle wasting.

What about cardio? Only implementing cardio faces the same challenges as nutrition. Cardio without the other two components is ineffective for adding muscle, in fact, if cardio is implemented incorrectly it will waste more muscle than eliminating body fat.

Then there's weight training. Weight training implemented without the other two components can tone and add muscle, in addition reduce body fat, and minimize muscle wasting. Do I need to go on?

Stay tuned for more truth talking…


The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)