The Gym Is Not A Camp Ground

Boy, has the gym atmosphere changed. I mean it's always been to some degree a place to socialize, but it's now to a point of absurdity. You walk around now and all you see are gym members, and personal trainers parked on equipment chit chatting, taking selfies, and training with pathetic intensity. What a waste of f----ing time.

Then there are those who take a couple of hours to get their training sessions done, and this doesn't even include cardio. More wasted time.  WTF is going on with all of this. I still remember the days when you went to the gym because you were on a mission. The intensity of some of the training sessions made you nervous because you knew it was going to hurt like hell, and you loved it.

You walked into the gym each and every time knowing no matter how bad, sore, or tired you were, your training session was going to be intense and you were going to be in and out of the gym within forty-five minutes with your ass handed to you on a platter every single time, and if that wasn't sufficient, you could count on your training partner to make sure of that as good measure.

Hell, you didn't have time to socialize, take selfies or sit around chit-chatting because you were trying to stay alive, knowing that in 30- 45 seconds you had another brutal set to do. This frenetic pace was the norm man, you were on a damn mission. When I think about those days, it makes me smile because that training atmosphere was awesome and addictive. When you walked out of the gym you were tore up but in a good way. Ahh, the good ole days.

Stay tuned for more truth talking….

Best, TT (Leo Costa Jr)