Free Weight Training Verses Machines

There are numerous exercises that can be performed for each body part, and they all work to a degree. This statement in itself confirms that all weight training exercises are not equal, however it's not the final answer. Other factors responsible for making exercises more efficient are the training applications implemented, such as free weight resistance training, and machine resistance training, which to a degree are also the same but different.

Weight training machines for the most part are designed to mimic the action of free weights by using a cable and pulley system as leverage to push and pull weights through space. Because of this, the movement of weight through space is much different than free weight training where leverage only comes from your body, which dramatically effects how the physiology responds with regard to muscle endurance, strength, and muscle hypertrophy.

There are benefits of utilizing both machine and free weight training, however using one or the other by themselves limits the full potential of each. One of the benefits of machine resistance training is that the weight being lifted is easier to control during the performance of exercise because the action of the movement is pre-determined.

In addition machine resistance training is very useful for rehabilitating injuries, as well, somewhat more convenient in that you don't have to haul weight around to set up the exercise performed unlike with most of free weight training.

On the other hand, free weight resistance training although in some cases somewhat less convenient poses a dramatic upside, which has everything to do with the individual having to control and balance the weight throughout the range of motion of the exercise when pushing or pulling creating a much different response to the physiology. To be clear, if you want  better muscle endurance, added strength, and pack on hard earned muscle in the most efficient way, choose free weight resistance training every time. Enough said.

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The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)