Weights or cardio first?

Weight training and cardio training are two of the three training components of a well-designed exercise and nutrition program, in addition very different exercises in the way it impacts the physiology. The question is what should you do first, cardio or weights? Mind you, depending on the specific objective, they're both equally important.

It's imperative to first understand the importance of each of those training applications, and the impact they can have when implemented properly, or improperly for that matter.  If you ask most people what the main benefit of cardio is, they'll probably say it's for burning body fat.

That's definitely one of its purposes, yet there are additional benefits equally important, including facilitating post workout recovery by reducing or eliminating lactic acid buildup as a result of weight training. Also, strengthening vital organs such as your heart, as well as improving athletic endurance, including faster recovery between sets during weight training sessions which also proves to be another valuable benefit.

Another important fact to consider when implementing cardio is the training methodology. There are various styles including moderate cardio training, essentially where you’re not going too hard or too easy. To put it in layman terms, moderate means maintaining a steady pace and even heart rate throughout the entire cardio session. Then there is high intensity cardio training, which is intermittent training that varies between accelerating the intensity of the exercise for a brief period, followed by deceleration, with this strategy repeated throughout the entire cardio session.

Well now, bet you didn't think there was so much to know about cardio, but there is, and it's vital info, otherwise simply performing cardio willy nilly could and will produce the wrong result. If you have a trainer, hopefully they know this stuff or you're getting robbed of your hard earned money. Now that you're properly informed let's talk about which comes first cardio or weights. The simple answer is unless you're an athlete training for sport, as opposed to training for health and fitness, always start with weight training first.

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The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)