Diet is not a bad word...

So many people when they see or hear the word diet, they cringe. Logical thinking would tell you that obviously, it's not, but the idea of going on a diet has a negative connotation and perception because of years of failing people. A typical diet is usually difficult to follow for long term because it's too user-unfriendly, so consequently over time has rightly earned its reputation of being a bad word.

Diet, however, has gotten a bad rap, much the same as certain food groups like eggs for instance. At one time, the powers told the masses eggs were bad for them, and to stop or severely reduce their intake, then magically, after years of maligning, the powers that be capitulated. It has taken a long time for eggs to be exonerated, and yet years later there are those, because of all the negative publicity eggs once wrongly received, who still believe that eggs are a bad word.

In my opinion, the only way to change the perception of something is to fully understand it. But that takes time and energy, and human nature, as it may be, will often time choose to believe what the powers profess. It's unfortunate however true, but blindly adhering to, or believing everything you see or hear has a downside, at times compromising benefits. Eggs are a good example of this, because the truth is, eggs are in fact one of the healthiest food's you can consume because it's designed that way.

An egg is made up of fat, cholesterol, and protein, but what is fascinating about the egg, is it's designed to emulsify itself. In plain words, the cholesterol in eggs contains emulsifiers and lecithin which breaks down fat making it a perfect food. There you have it, that's the truth about the egg who was once thought of as a bad actor. Another tip here, unless you're on a very restricted diet, where eating just the egg whites is a viable option, instead eat the whole egg, and get the full benefit of one of the healthiest eggs on the planet.

Stay tuned for the truth talking…


The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)