Message to fake gurus

I just saw a posting on social media from a self-proclaimed personal training guru who stated that you should not workout until your muscle soreness subsides. My first thought is why, clown? That's exactly what you should do. Training muscles that are sore need training because it flushes lactic acid build up which speeds recovery. It seems these fake gurus need a real guru to straighten them out.

Here's a news flash clown, muscle soreness isn't an indication of a good workout. That's right, so before you go patting your fake self on the back thinking you gave your client a mind-blowing workout, and claiming they should wait until muscle soreness goes away, get your facts straight.

And before I digress, here's one more news flash fake guru. Based on your inaccurate comment of waiting until your muscle soreness subsides before you train the same body part, here's what's really going on. As long as you don't overtrain your client, to begin with, you can train the same body part within five hours after a training session. That should send you into a fake state of coma.

To all unsuspected clients out there working with fake gurus... BEWARE! It's no wonder there's so much misinformation in the industry when you have these fake guru idiots out there talking nonsense.

Stay tuned for more truth talking...

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)