The Easy Way to Calorie Count... The Median Number

There's no way out of it. If you want to have long term success harnessing control over how your body looks and feels, you have to know your caloric intake, so it would behoove you to get used to the idea that calorie counting is where it's at, period. This little fact I'm sure will turn off at least half of you out there. I'm fully aware of the fact that counting calories can be daunting and a big pain in the ass unless perhaps you're a registered dietitian, or a numbers freak, but it doesn't have to be that way. Of course, with the advent of fitness apps, calorie counting is a whole lot easier, definitely shortening the path of least resistance, but what if you don't do well with technology?

People are always finding excuses for why they can't do something, but honestly, I think with regards to knowing caloric values of every food might be a legit excuse, hence the popularity of the quick fix heat and eat diets. Although those diets provide an easy way in solving the calorie counting dilemma, it's unfortunately short lived, simply because quick fix diets are designed to fail and will disappoint you most of the time. Please come to grips with that before you wonder down that path.

Have no fear, there's a better way. When I was a competitive bodybuilder I lived and breathed on knowing every calorie of every morsel of anything that went in my mouth. However, the difference back in my heyday was that we had no fitness apps. I had a freaking calorie book that had virtually every food listed identifying calories, protein, carbs, fat and a whole lot more.Then I logged all of this intel into my training diary, which was a lengthy and time consuming process, however taught me from the ground up the ins and outs about caloric values and then some. I can tell you this, if I wasn't so damned committed to my sport I probably wouldn't of done it, but because I did it changed my life forever.

Simply put, learning about caloric values are still paying big dividends for me to this day, as having that base knowledge has given me the ability to effortlessly keep my body in the kind shape I choose, whenever I want. Here's a tip, and a simple way that will save you loads of time. In each food group, for example vegetables, Google, lowest calorie count to the highest. Find out what the calories per ounce are for the lowest vegetable as well as the highest vegetable. Divide those two numbers, which will give you a median number. From this point forward when you eat any kind of vegetable, always use that median number, and you'll always have an accurate caloric value per ounce. I wonder how many of you trainers out there know about this? I'm gonna say zero to....

Stay tuned for more truth talking...

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)