Most Exercise and Nutrition Programs Are Designed To Fail

Sometimes faster is not better. Most humans want things now, which isn't all bad, but it has its downside, like when human's don't get what they want fast. Then what? The exercise and nutrition industry play right into the give it to me now expectation. This philosophy, mindset, strategy, whatever you want to call it breeds mediocrity, and eventually failure.

In my opinion, the exercise and nutrition industry is no better than the lottery, where your chances of croaking from a fatal disease are greater than you winning. I don't disagree it's important to sell the dream of how your life will immediately transform once you've won all this money, or lost weight in record time, or even got your body in the best shape of your life working out only 10 minutes a day without breaking a sweat.

But, there has to be more than just selling the quick dream that appears to be a snap. The dream is only part of the big picture and you definitely should have it, but not when it's the main priority. The truth is, there are a whole bunch of baby steps in between that solidify the path you must first develop, and then more importantly stay on.

As your legit trainer, I'm going to develop an exercise and nutrition program that will get you immediate results, however not at the expense of a highly calculated strategy and infrastructure that will continue to produce long term results. What about your trainer?

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)